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Seasons Greetings for all too see & enjoy

My day was long, "for a  Monday", like everyone's week. Many work hard and long hours when you operate your on business getting things done as myself or have to take care of family needs which is endless and never ends. Today after working through the holidays I had to go to the bank " El Dorado Savings" and saw a man painting on the windows with holiday cheer and which made me think of all the warmth of the season. He was working very hard and this was about 10 pm at night. I know he started very early because I saw His supply's with paint in front of the plazza foods around 1 pm.This person "man" since I never asked his name kept up his work until I thanked him for all the hard work that he did and gave him a tip. He was a bit upset about the tip, but he just told me,  "He would pay it forward and I loved the response he gave". I know this person painted on Prima spa, Ace Hardware and  of course plazza Foods and El Dorado Savings Bank! He did a great job and I hope his work will bring great joy to all to see

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