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Security too Busy playing traffic cop

After seeing the post on the security issues and the sheriff meeting on neighborhood watch , Our volunteer compliance committee along with the CSD/RMA  instruct their  officers to  sit in their cars all day long while at idle wasting gas  and look for traffic violations so the RMA can make money off the residents for writing tickets and forcing the residents to pay. Do you think they can use this fleet of cops to maybe cruz  the neighborhoods and stop this crime thats going on?  

Thurs night  Sept 6th, I was out front of my house at 2:30 am walking my dog and into my cul-de-sac rolls a older brown/gold colored golf cart with older enclosure and a flatbed fold down seat on rear. I watched as he passed me but very dark so i could not make out driver , and he pulled down into court and stopped for about 5 seconds infront of neighbors house , looked at me and then proceeded to exit cul-de-sac and turn up del la cruz. I found it very odd to be out at 2;30 am driving a golf cart and then pulling down a dead end cul-de-sac . If anyone knows of this cart or has seen it around maybe identify and have the cops ask some questions.

Friday night Sept 7th , the family was awakend at 3am with my truck alarm going off in the driveway of our home . Someone tried to break in and I suspect it may have been the previous night drive by doing the job.Called front gate to report, they asked if  they sould send anyone out , and basically why? the guy was gone . 

Wow , what a great idea security , maybe you can patrol at night   to deter this type of behavior , or are you too tired from watching the stop sign all day . 

My point is there is alot that goes on here at RM during the night hours mostly kids using the back roads and in excessive speed with cars ( over 50 mph ) and the security needs to spend more time and our money on controling this type of behavior vs the sitting on the parkway waiting for a resident to do a california stop. My home backs up to the lake with the amphitheater and we watch almost every fri and sat night a freeway of reckless driving and spinning on the gravel roads from 10 am till sometimes 1 am . I have had a number of discussions with the RMA/CSD/compliance and chief of security , and they all tell me they are aware of this but when they get calls on it , by the time the officer gets there driving the 25mph speed limit, the suspects are usually gone . Sounds Lame and Lazy to me! 

Cant wait for all you cry baby nazi  residents that have the patrol people writing tickets to speeders going 5 mph over speedlimit to have your house /car broken into or maybe your out walking your dog one night and the kids driving 50plus MPH spins out and runs you or your pet over . GET A CLUE PEOPLE



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With all due respect Jeff security is not sitting looking for traffic violations in the middle of the night. It's during commute hours on a couple of busy streets. Good for you to live in an area where road traffic is not an issue. NO ONE speeds by your home!

Ask residents on Guadalupe, Pera and Murieta S. Parkway how they feel about "traffic" cops. Maybe you could gain some perspective. 

Here's a novel idea. How about the residents and their guests follow the sensible traffic rules. Then security would not have to deal with.

And if you want to stop vehicle break ins park in the garage like we are supposed to. Looks like Elk Grove or Anatolia around here anymore!  Many people have garages full of stuff and park in the driveway. Perhaps if compliance did their job it would help.

Just saying! 

John Hein

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Didn't expect to get a

Didn't expect to get a response. 

John Hein

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Well Said, John!

As a resident on Guadalupe Drive for 20 years, we have observed speeding for quite some time!

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CSD and Security

Attn CSD Director,

Noticed Security Badges/insignia have been changed from reading "Security" to just "CSD". Why? Hidden agenda here?

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Our visiting son was ticketed for 32 MPH at North parkway and Domingo Sunday. He probably did it..

He's guilty. He knows better. My concern is the dangerous streets, South parkway,Pera,Guadalupe

and our street Rio Blanco, and others. A downhill stretch where I would estimate median speed at 35-45. Would appreciate

an unmarked radar at Fuente de Pas and Rio Blanco and see what occurs.K ids and wildlife. Three deer

have been killed in the crossing next door, one dying on our porch. The parkway at Domingo seems to come

up a lot. Would love to see a list of the citation locations. Personnaly I hope they keep concentrating on speed.

It's a big issue, but bigger around driveways and narrow streets.

Please, everyone slow down.

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Allocation of Resources

I cannot agree more with Gene.  The effort to catch “Speeders” on the parkway is just an easy way to say “see all that we are doing”.  The North Parkway is not a residential street with blind curves and kids running out of their driveways. 

I look at Officers parked on the Parkway and think this is not the way to deploy resources.  The North Parkway is wider than State Highway 16, has no uncontrolled intersections, no blind spots and no driveways.  Working “Speed” on the North Parkway is a lazy way to find a violation.  The residential streets might involve more effort to come up with a meaningful violation but would be a lot more effective in enhancing safety. 

If the goal is to enhance safety; go to work, if the goal is to make a show and get easy statistics stay on the North Parkway but, the North Parkway is a poor allocation of resources.   

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