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Setting the Record Straight

As a SOLOS member and Membership Chair, I continue to work towards building more community awareness and increasing our membership.  SOLOS  has over 900 members now and growing each week.  We hope to reach 1000 members by year's end.  Many community residents have expressed their concern for the current situation that involves a declining Country Club, as well as the potential for reduced open space, habitat endangerment and comprimised water quality and supply..

As our community grapples with issues regarding development, the Country Club,and housing values, it is concerning to see comments made in thr River Valley Times and on Rancho Murieta.com that are not based in fact.

Let's Set The Record Straight:

  • SOLOS is a non-profit organization started by residents concerned about excessive development, particularly along the Cosumnes River and around the Back Lakes, which would signiificantly impact our open spaces, trails and wildlife.
  • As awareness and concern grew so did the membership.  Now over 900 community and business residents belong to SOLOS.  They are from every area in Rancho Murieta- North, South, The Village, The Villas and The Plaza.  Many SOLOS members are also Country Club members.
  • None of these members have any financial investment or receive any financial gain from this organization.
  • We have worked hard to understand and explain the potential hazards of development on the quality and supply of our water and the diminishment of our open spaces, both of which will ultimately affect our home values.
  • We believe strongly that the "Back Lakes",again our water supply, will be  seriously comprimised, if proposed home sites are allowed are allowed by the County to proceed.
  • We recognize and support every effort to make the centerpiece of our community-the Country Club- a viable, stable community asset.
  • We believe that it is possible to build homes that will draw people to our community who will want to celebrate and preserve its uniqueness.  We also believe that clean, adequate water, healthy outdoor activities and space to relax and enjoy the Country Club are our greatest assets.

 We have an opportunity before us to solve a multitude of problems facing Rancho Murieta.  CSD,RMA,RMCC and Rancho North Properties, all working together on a solution will benefit the whole community.  Ultimately Rancho Murieta can be an example of what a real Community is about.  Let's give it a chance.

Linda Butler- SOLOS

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Setting the record straight

SOLOS has been using the supply and quality of our water as one of their main arguments for taking 300 lots out of development.   That is not true as has been explained to them numerous times by RMCSD.  We have sufficient water for 5,000 homes here--not to worry about 3700.  This argument is a "red herring" meant to confuse our residents.   They have already affected and held up the planned building with these concerns.   Also, the new water plant was based on the 3700 figure for paying for the upgrade to the plant.   SOLOS is suggesting the loss of the taxes and fees for 300 homes is not significent.   The county taxes alone would total $2,400,000. And the developer fees are huge, which go directly to CSD and RMA.  

Perhaps SOLOS should reconsider just a setback for the planned homes--taking just one row of houses out of play.  That would allow plenty of walking space around the lakes, and lovely homes to look at as well.

The Country club is very important to our area, and we should do whatever we can to help them survive.  But diminishing the long awaited development is not the answer.   Our water quality won't be compromised either.     Let's not let this train leave the depot without a WHOLE lot of thought.  Let's not get railroaded into doing the wrong thing.

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