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Sick Pets

Both of our dogs have suddenly started vomiting and both seem to be real sick. Is anyone else having this problem? I am wondering if this is some illness coming from the local wild animals or some other common cause.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Sick dogs

I hope you have made a vet appointment and every thing is good by now for your dogs.

I saw this posted on our vet's facebook page:



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sick dogs

Id be afraid of Parvo which is a GI tract disease which is highly contagious and very serious. Its usually when a dog comes in contact with feces of an infected dog or the ground. Go to the vet

Janice Okunami

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Hope they are better by now....

I would worry about getting into any stagnant water, and maybe some sort of algae, worst case something like pythiosis, things that aren't normally around except for weather changes now.

Raccoon roundworms can make them sick too, in a variety of ways.

Tick disease, but not usually two at the same time with vomiting....

I don't know if any dead fish from the river would carry any of the parasites that raw salmon from the pacific northwest can carry - I just read somewhere of a dog getting into some stocked trout, the trout from Oregon, contracting it.

Two dogs at the same time, you might suspect a bad batch of dog food too.....

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