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SOLOS t-shirt

I would like to buy a SOLOS t-shirt, but I am having a hard time finding the website where they can be purchased. Any help would be appreciated.

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SOLOS t-shirts

Hi Bunky,

The website is:


Joanne Brandt

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Nice t's. Would like to wear one.... But Fruit of the loom? Cant they do better than that? Maybe I'll just hang it on my wall?

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Fruit of the loom ?

Fruit of the loom ?

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Solos tshirts

Hi there,

Be sure to look at the pink shirts for ladies. Not Fruit of the Loom, and very cute. The blue are more for the guys. 

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Hi -

I want to order a t-shirt and it tells me what sizes it comes in, but as we women know, one manufacturer's L is another manufacturer's XS, and this doesn't give any sizing info.  I want to be able to get it over my head, but don't want to swim in it.  Looking at the cool raspberry version.  Any idea about the sizing of L and XL?

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I ordered a medium..

I'm short/small, but ordered medium because it is slightly tapered down through the waist and hips. I was at the SOLOS meeting and Cheryl and Linda were wearing the pink tees. It is 100% brushed cotton, so might shrink.. So consider these factors when ordering. .

Myrna Solomon

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