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Speed Limit

I read the newsletter about “How to properly stop at a stop sign”. How about we remind people AGAIN that the speed limit inside the gate on all paved roads is 25!  Tonight I was going between 23 to 27 mph.   Yes it is hard to maintain an exact 25.  However when a car rides my bumper and then passes me on the Parkway, SOMETHING must be done!   Friends comment when visiting that they cannot believe how fast the cars go on this street. What happened to the speed signs that will take pictures?

PLEASE PLEASE go slow!  We live in a beautiful area.   Enjoy the view!

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No surprise

People do not care! Every single morning commuters and parents roar down Murieta S Pkwy at speeds as high as 50 MPH. Many of whom blow the stop sign at Celebrar as well, 200 yards from the gate guard station.

It is beyond irritating when I can't back out of my driveway because of these inconsiderate and impatient residents! I've been flipped off coming out my driveway.

Sad what little courtesy and respect some people have!

John Hein

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