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Star Rating for Businesses listed in the RM.com Business Directory

Here's a helpful tip that would benefit the businesses you use here in RM that are actually listed on here under the Business Directory tab!  After you have used one of the listed businesses they would appreciate you rating them on this site. The owners check in here to see how their rating is going! It's not enough to just spread the word but doing the star rating helps those businesses to see how they're  doing out here plus if you are looking for someone and you see they have 30 votes with an average of 4 stars out if 5 then you're probably going to check them out! I know I would!  So take a few minutes to go in and rate them!! I went down the list and saw quite a few I've used and rated them. Be the good RM neighbor you are and help them out! 

See you around The Rancho!!

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Supporting your local businesses

On behalf of those businesses, we'll second Debbie's suggestion. We hear from businesses all the time about their desire to get good ratings. Here's your chance to help a good business by posting a good rating or to help your neighbors by posting a less-than-good rating for a business that deserves that.

How? Just log in to your RanchoMurieta.com account, go to the Business Directory, choose the category you want and click on the number of stars the business deserves.

If you know of a business that should be in the directory but isn't, please let us know, either by clicking the "add a listing to the directory" link at the top of the center column or by sending an email to editor@ranchomurieta.com

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