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Stolen umbrella

The Country Club, which has spiffed up its outdoor Terrace Patio, suffered a theft the other night. Someone stole one of the new umbrellas. Here's how the club's acting GM, Bill Armstrong, explains in the monthly newsletter for members. (Click the umbrella thumbnail photo to see it at full size.)

Finally, we wish to thank all the members who donated time and money to upgrade the Terrace Patio area with furniture, fire pits, and cushions.  These improvements have made the Music on the Patio events very popular and more enjoyable.  There is more seating, it is more comfortable, and the atmosphere is great.  This is why this next part is so difficult to grasp.  It appears that someone liked the umbrellas so much that this last Sunday night, one of our new, beautiful, orange multi-colored, umbrella was stolen.  A picture of the missing item is included in this E-blast so if you see it, let security know.  This had to be someone within the community as these umbrellas are so large and difficult to handle that you can’t just slip it into your car and drive away as it would be sticking out like an oversized Christmas tree on your Prius coming back from Davis Ranch Tree Farm.  This is at least eight feet around, so it is not small and it is quite heavy.  Whoever stole it tried to also take the stand but it was so heavy that it was left behind.  Anyway, keep an eye out for it.

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