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Summerfest Wine Gala--Help

I'm trying to find information on the summerfest wine gala in terms of tickets and prices.  I can't seem to find anything.  Can we even still get tickets?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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I Googled Rancho Murieta Summerfest...

Their website is summerfest-ranchomurieta.org


If you click on "Contact Us", it will take you to a page you can fill in your info and ask your question.

In the past, tickets for the Wine Food Gala have been available to 'Sponsors', and looking at the options, $600.00 is the least expensive sponsor option.  I know this great event sells out every year, and chances are, at this late date, their may not be any seats available!  

I suggest you use their website and 'contact' tab so the event organizers will see your question!  Chances are the volunteers aren't going to see a post here as this is their crunch-time for getting this great event set up!



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