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Tankless Water Heaters

Looks like a new water heater is in my IMMEDIATE future.  Are there any Tankless Water Heater experiences out there?  I'm in 1600 sqft with 2 baths.  Any comments?   

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Tankless WH

We had a Noritz unit installed 2-3 years ago.  Love it.  Occupies half the space.  Energy efficient. We have a 2200 sq ft home with 2.5 baths.  Even with two adult kids at home for the summer no problems meeting demand.

One minor flaw, we had to change the shower head in the master bath as the flow rate was to low and the unit would not recognize hot water flow and thus didn't kick on.


Jeff Alexander

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We installed one seven years

We installed one seven years ago that has more than paid for itself in energy savings. It will allow you to run two showers at once or one shower and your washing machine. If you are not running hot water, you are not using energy. The unit runs on propane and is mounted to the outside garage wall. The change yielded a full sized storage closet in the garage where the hot water tank used to reside.if you have a house full of company (or one teenager) you will never run out of hot water. These things are great

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Tankless Water Heater

Thanks for the responses very informative.  How about if I don't have the propane just electric?.

Bill DuVal 







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tankless heaters

While I do not have a tankless heater, it is my undestanding that electric ones  don't hold a candle to those powered by gas. Heating water fast  is an energy hog and electrical units just don't have the capacity and could be a big hit to the SMUD bill as well. .I suspect that you might have to like luke warm water uless you go with a gas unit.

Jerry Pasek

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Tankless Water Heaters

I agree with the other posters.  My husband Tim specialized in installing Noritz brand tankless water heaters when we had our plumbing business, in fact, has installed many of those units here in our local area. 

We only installed propane or natural gas heaters and personally would NOT recommend an electric tankless unit, especially in a whole house situation. 

It sounds like maybe you don't have propane Bill? And possibly your current water heater went out since you mentioned "immediate future"?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information. We are around this weekend and would be more than happy to swing by to give you a professional opinion for the price of a handshake or smile as that's what neighbors do :).

Good luck!

Polly Schumacher

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Costco water heaters

Has anyone gone the Costco route on the water heaters or tankless water heaters?  Our original water heater is 14 yrs old and showing signs that it may be time to replace and we wanted to go tankless, we do have propane.

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