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Thank You Neighbors!!!

Thank You Neighbors 

I just wanted to thank all the people who helped me in finding my dog and getting her back to me.  It definitely was not the outcome that I wanted and I still can’t believe it happened but for those that don’t know my neighbor kidnapped her and proceeded to take off in his vehicle after I went after him and the next day returned with her only to proceed to take her for a walk down Jackson highway with no collar or leash and you can only imagine what happened from there.  I’m really sorry for the people and their kids that witnessed her get ran over but I can’t thank you enough for helping me find her and bring her back home so she could be put to rest.  This community never surprises me when it come to someone who has had a tragedy take place because not only did I have people help in my finding out what happened to her and locating her body but I had several people call me and tell me how sorry they were to hear and another lady who offered me a new puppy to help me get through this.  All of these people I never met or knew and although I couldn’t take the puppy because it is just to soon- that really meant a lot to me and I think this place is pretty damn cool for all everyone has said and done for me.  Again these are people who I have never met or know and I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone involved that I really appreciate everything that everyone has done and to thank you all for helping me get through this nightmare. It really means a lot to me and I couldn’t live in a better place then Rancho Murieta.   Thanks so much!  



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Please report this to the Sheriff


I am so sorry to hear what happened to your dog.

Please report it to the sheriff - Sherriff Laurie Costello 916-876-8322 or 916 874-5115 (press zero). She is aware of the animal drownings and was very concerned. Also, CARBUCKLE@SACSHERIFF.COM Use to live in Rancho Murieta and he said he would help. All that is happening is not being reported to the Sheriff's office so we can't get more sheriffs to help out here. 

I had a renter/house cleaner that went crazy on me and still hasn't stop harassing me....things happen out here. Call if you need more information.....916-224-7482


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Thank you Rita

I tried everything  to have him arrested and I was told that animals are considered property so he couldn’t be charged with kid or dog napping and since she only cost me $200 and was not $500 or more that the DA wouldn’t  pursue it because it wasn’t Grandtheft and also the fact that he decided to lay down in the middle the road when he got arrested and they gave him a 5150 so that cleared him from being charged with anything because at the time since he laid in the middle the road he was considered legally mentally distraught and I can’t press any charges against him.  His name is Peter Luchini and the cops said he was medically induced with alcohol and Methamphetamines and was originally being charged with drunk and disorderly and for walking down a highway but the second he ran out into the road and laid down that they had to declare him insane so they 5150 him and that made him untouchable.  He just better never show his face again around here but thank you for your concerns and comment.




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Jeff, so sorry this all happened to you!

Hi Jeff, does the guy who did all of this live here, or some guest? It all sounds horrible..

Jay and I were at the CSD meeting several years ago when we learned that our security could only observe and report...and we were shocked and not happy then. Sadly, so many who live here want to be able to do whatever they want and not get tickets..or worse. After the south was built, and hardly anymore security officers were employed, I haven't felt as if they can even do the minimum of what they are supposed to do.  Residences must except that they must lock their doors, including their cars if left outside..and if they have an issue..please call the Sheriff's department first, then security as Jeff said. 

Myrna Solomon

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