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Thank you, Ralph and Karen...

Your fair and unbiased service to our community over the past two decades is much appreciated and will be sorely missed!  While I, and I presume many others, are sad to see this site go, I'm pleased to learn that Ralph's health is improving and you both can get on with the business of retirement!  All the best to you both from a grateful community!

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Echo the thanks!

Karen and Ralph, you are great neighbors. Your sincere interest and concern for the community has been remarkable. "Thank you" does not say enough!

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Glad to have given you my business as an advertiser for all these years. Best wishes to you both.

John Hein

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Ralph and Karen...

Thanks for all your reporting over these many years....your unbiased information allowed those unable or not interested in local affairs to have some idea of what was happening here......you will be greatly missed.

But on the other hand retirement is great......and yours will be the same....



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Thank goodness it ain’t goodbye

Out of the Montana woods just long enough to hear the news......Thanks for all you both have done for the community.  Please keep Ralph on the steady road to recovery. Look forward to sharing another thousand laughs and another 20 years.  See you soon. John & Marleen

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Sad to see you go

RM.com is filed under "entertainment" in my bookmarks...and it has been VERY entertaining and informative. Thanks for all your efforts and glad to hear you're doing well.

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