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Trail detour around Treatment Plant expansion is awesome!

I would like to let everyone know who loves to walk around our community and hasn't walked on any of the trails designed and lovingly built by Roger Brandt, please get on your tennis shoes or hiking shoes, and try them out. His latest trail was made as a detour around the Treatment Plant expansion because some of the amazing trail around Lake Clementia will be closed during construction. It starts off of Lake Chesbro, just east of the boat ramp and next to the rocks on the side of the road, or if you are starting your hike at Lake Clementia just past the Amphitheater,, it is off the road on the left. Roger has included redwood "sits spots" in many spots around the lake, to accommodate those who might need to rest while on the trail, and just enjoy the scenery. 

For my husband and I, these trails have given us a wonderful opportunity to see the wild life that makes our community its home. Some of the amazing wild life around Lake Clementia is an American Bald Eagle family, and a swan family. Periodically we have seen pelicans come to visit on both Lake Clementia and Lake Calero.  Also, we have enjoyed watching Great Horned Owl babies in two different nests around Lake Clementia while hiking on the trail, and observed them grow up and fly away. If these trails were never built, we would never have been able to see these amazing creatures in the wild.

 Roger Brandt has been building trails for all of our enjoyment just about as long as he has lived here in Rancho Murieta. Every trail he has done is built with consideration for safety for those who use it and care of our beautiful oaks and wild life that we all so love. Not only does he build the trails, but he periodically eradicates the poison oak that many like me are very sensitive to, and also maintains all of the trails by triming back the foliage. Besides all of this, he constantly picks up tons of trash that some in our community have used as a garbage dump...including trash on Murieta Parkway, or phone books left by people on top of the mail boxes. He has also taken his canoe out on Lake Clementia with his wife to pick up lots of trash left by people who let their beach balls get taken by the wind, or those who just throw their cans and bottles in the lake. My husband and I kayak around the lake, and pick up some trash as well but don't have very much space to get much. It is shameful to see all of the trash that is floating in the reeds. If Roger didn't volunteer his time to do this on a regular basis, our beautiful community would suffer and be an embarrassment. 

Rancho Murieta is lucky to have a person who gives back to our community as much as he does, and expects nothing in return, except for all of us to enjoy the trails. 

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Thanks for the info Myrna!

Thanks for the info Myrna! I'm sure this new trail will also help in the winter months as the backside of Clementia tends to flood out when there is a good rain.  I've got caught back there several times on a run and had to turn around.  Doesn't sound like that will be the case any more. 

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Thank you, Roger

Thank you, Roger! You are greatly appreciated for all that you do for our community. It is a more beautiful place because of you!

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