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Trash at the river

I have been swimming at the Consumnes River swimming hole on the north since I was 5 years old.My parents moved to Rancho Murieta in 1980 and I grew up in this wonderful community.I spent every summer as a child swimming at the swimming hole even camping there for my 12th birthday.I am now 37 years old and have owned a house in Rancho Murieta for approx. 6yrs. Recently I have been taking my children (2yrs.and 4yrs. old)  to the swimming hole where I grew up.Recently I have been notcing a group of teenagers or young adults/kids  hanging out in the parking lot and on the beach.The parking lot is covered in trash and cigarette butts are left on the beach where my children play.I do not have a problem with these" kids" having a few beers at the river , I certainly did when I was their age.What I do have a problem with is them abusing this beautiful place , leaving trash everywhere and potentially ruining it for the rest of us.I was down there by myself on Weds evening and as I was leaving I stopped in the parking lot and picked up some trash and threw it in the trash can 15 feet away.As I picked up an empty pack of cigarettes I asked one of the "kids" standing there smoking a cigarette why they did'nt pick up their trash?He said it wasnt  his.I said well you are smoking a cigarette and it is right in front of your face, do you not care about this place? He looked at me smiled and said "I don't give a F@#!" .I told him that I had a family and I enjoy taking them down to this spot , I told him that he might have a family some day and want to do the same.He told me that he hoped he didn't and that he didn't give a F@#!. I left disgusted wanting to rub this kids face in the trash.I immediately drove down to the guard station and the guard told me there was nothing they could do.The kids are over 21 and they basically tell the guards to F off also. The guard said they have talked to the parents and the parents response is "So What"! I refuse to allow these punks to ruin this place.I am going to take all there license plate #s down and post them on this forum.Hopefully I can find out who the parents are that say  "so what" and give them a piece of my mind.Why is it that we can get fined for acidentally leaving your vehicle in the street overnight but these kids or their parents can't get fined for littering? This is B.S. and needs to stop.

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I agree with you and and ready to team up with you to ensure we don't lose our swimming hole to the people who act this way. I've encountered the same kind of conduct and seen the damage as well. Security says it isn't part of their jurisdiction but will, at times, take a drive down there if they see the need. I think it is up to residents like us to patrol the area and to protect our area from these things. I've also participated in the river clean up / park clean up in the south and was shocked at the amount of garbage we picked up.

You are welcome to call me anytime and I will go with you to take down license plates and report them as well as make them known to the community. I support you and want you to know that there are many residents who feel your frustration. And I believe if needed, we could create a "guardian angel" type patrol that looks out for the welfare of our river and lakes and the safety of the families who want to enjoy some water time without verbal abuse, trashed zones and vehicles tearing through the open lands that residents are walking or riding bikes through. Enough is enough!

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I very rarely post but, read this forum almost daily.  This is one item that has angered me as much as any.  Why are these parents allowed to raise trash children like this and release them on the rest of us?  It's because we as a community allow it.  I applaud what you guys plan to do and support your efforts to have the parents pay somehow for their "children."

Dan Klaff

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