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Anyone have a good recommendation for a tree removal company?


Julie or Dave 354-1070    jordansjules@yahoo.com


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Tree Removal

 We have been using Tree Care, 852-9500, based in Rancho Cordova, exclusively for the last 10 years.  

Tammy is the Scheduler, Willy (Owner) will do the estimate.

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Tree removal

Tree Tech's expert arborists have always been professional, extremely affordable and reliable. Someone foolishly planted lots of lovely redwoods a few feet from my home; as they grew, their shallow roots sought and cracked my foundation, travertine floors and walkways in their search for water.

Tree Tech even gives geezer discounts. 916 386-1780      www.treetechservices.com.


Cate Merritt Murphy

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Tree Removal Referral

I, too, use Tree Tech Services and highly recommend their company. In the past, I have had a tree removed from in-between two trees and was amazed at how quickly and efficiently they completed the job. Clean-up was a snap! It was almost as if there had not been a tree there in the first place. I continue to use their services to prune remaining trees on a semi-regular basis. After one particular visit when the crew pruned a tree that was overhanging my roof, I felt like it needed to be pruned further back. Not a problem -- they came back the next day -- no charge. They work hard to provide the service(s) you need and want you to be happy with the completed job.

They give free estimates, which you can even schedule online. You might also want to check out their home page, too -- I've always found a coupon to use.

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Tree Removal

As an alternative, try contacting ECO Landscape & Tree of Gold River. (916-600-0298). They were very reasonable when I had them do work for me. Fellows name is Kory Burton. 

Jerry Pasek

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