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Trial begins in alleged molestations

Trial is under way in Long Beach for a former Murietan -- and former head of Napa State Hospital -- on charges that he molested his adopted foster son for more than a decade, including the years when they lived here.

Beverly Hills Courier: Jury begins hearing case against former mental hospital director

Previously at RM.com: Murieta link being investigated as hospital official is charged with molestations (Feb. 24-25, 2010)

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Hospital director's adopted son calls dad monster

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- The adopted son of a state mental hospital director on trial for child molestation said Friday in emotional testimony that his father is a monster who abused him for more than a decade and destroyed his life.

The 27-year-old man, who wept on the stand, said Claude Foulk began abusing him at age 9, when he was Foulk's foster child, and continued for more than a decade until he fled at 21.

Full story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/01/28/AR201101...

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This is So Sad

The Foulk's are my next door neighbor's and I'm sickened by this.  That this could have been going on right next door.  With at that time a Sheriff working in sex crimes CHP accross the street, SAC P.D. 3 doors down.  His Mother living in the downstairs bedroom.  He never led us to believe anything was going on but we suspected something.  My heart goes out to Jonathan whom I knew so very well, spent countless hours at my house swimming, designing my outdoor kitchen and then just disappeared.  I suspect he pawned the coin collection in order to flee from his agony he was experiencing.  We found it quite strange he never said goodbye.  Attorney's for his defense approached me to be a character witness for Claude Foulk and I refused. I knew Jonathan better than I knew Ed. Debbie Houdeshell

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Former Murietan testifies on sex charges

Former Napa State Hospital chief testifies on sex charges

LONG BEACH — A former California state mental hospital director denied Monday that he sexually abused his adopted son and others when they were children.

Claude Foulk, 63, told jurors in Superior Court in Long Beach that his 27-year-old adopted son had a troubled history and was often caught up in lies. Foulk also denied sexually abusing four other now-grown men who accused Foulk of molesting them years ago.

He said he believed the allegations from his son stemmed partly from a family conflict.

"He had difficulty telling the truth at times," said a balding Foulk, who used gold-rimmed reading glasses to review exhibits handed to him by attorneys. "He was known for lying."

See the rest of the story.

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