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Trick or Treat Times

Last year we had several Trick or Treaters coming to the door at 9 pm and later.

Is there not an official time period for Halloween ?

Would not 6 to 8 pm be time enough ?

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8 p.m. cutoff

Giving out candy is great, but I think 8 is late enough.  When we're ready to call it a night, we turn out the lights outside and in the front part of the house.  I don't think we've ever had anyone at the door after that.

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Dave, I think the "little" ones are done by 8 but after that the "big" kids come out.......they are the ones you must watch out for.....pumpkins all over the street and such.

And remember folks, if you are driving through the community during those hours, watch out for our kiddo's. They often will run out into the street in their excitement........



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