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Trust RMCC Board

I refrence Marcia Courson recient editorial in the River Vally Times. Some research by Marcia would have shown that Mr. Husband is nolonger with Heritage Golf. Her coments of the Pros and Cons begin with common sense information about the direction and needs of the Club. Her Cons and questions about the future of the Club again show a lack of research. The Current RMCC board has worked very hard vetting Mr. Husband and his group. They have made very thoughtful and intelligent recommendations. Mr. Husband has shown to be a sucessful investor and manager. To assume this board or Mr. Husband has not done the dilagence for major purchase as this, agin shows a lack of research. To suggest that they don"t know what the property consist of ( land for pool and fitness). Water rights. Financial issues in the future. There are some very insitful people involved with this purchace and we should give them the confidence they desirve.

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