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Village Access through the gates

I am confused. I attended the meeting in 2017 when RMA presented the idea that village residents needed to pay their fair share of using the "amenities" of the north and south.  Apparently the 91 users from the village caused a noticible wear and tear on roads and parks such that reimbursement was required to be fair to all users. An initial amount of about $760 a year was eventually proposed. After much outcry, this was reduced to $300 a year.  Then we find out it wasn't about wear and tear on "amenities" but rather access to water rights!!!  WTH!

All the articles, letters and alleged explanations are confusing. Is it wear and tear or is it about water?  Why the deception?  And why the division of a so called community?  Why the need for lengthy legal documents and threats of liens?

I have not met one person from either north or south that thinks that taking away our bar code access is a fair resolution to whatever the real problem may be.  

So what is the real problem?  And why are our leaders not able to honestly and openly deal with it?  

What does the rest of RM think?  


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Not behind RMA on this one

I am not in agreement with the RMA Board at all on this matter.  I think it's downright rude and if it was up for a vote of the community I would absolutely vote against charging the Village for access.

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There is a looong 'discussion' about this on Nextdoor.   I am against changing the status quo ......after over 45 (?) years .....they should be grandfathered in.....or allowed MONTHLY payments like the rest of Murieta.

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I agree with you

I haven't been for this since the discussion started.  I think grandfathering existing residents is the right thing to do.  As homes turn over, charge the new residents a monthly fee if you want to.  There was another thread related to this on FB and someone suggested that it was in preparation for the houses being built by the airport (which I'm sure will at some point try to close the airport) and wanting to be able to charge them to come through the gates without getting any pushback about the Village residents not paying.  That's probably part of it, but goodness only knows what other nefarious reasons may be behind this ill-conceived plan, but there must be something.

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"Collateral damage" to innocent bystanders

The Developers intend to bring thousands of new residents who will NOT be RMA members, and they contest the MBA 'fair share" agreement which would impose similar - actually much greater - charges on them.  It is in THAT context that RMA is compelled to play Grinch.  there WILL be litigation of fair share as to those THOUSANDS of unannexed homes.  Any 'good guy' slack cut for the Village - and i'm pretty sure every Director would prefer not to be playing Grinch here - will get shoved in RMA's ear in said litigation, and could cost us millions and burden us with thousands of  "New North" freeloaders and a civil war over 'fair share" in perpetuity.  Were it not for that impending litigation context, we wouldn't even be talking about this.

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no more free lunch

It seems pretty simple to me. If someone wants to use the amenities within the gates of Rancho Murieta (fantastic, by the way), they should have to pay... unless, of course, they are a guest. Same as the rest of RMA members, who faithfully (required to) do, regardless of their use or non-use of those amenities. It doesnt matter to me if it has anything to do with new development. It is a matter of fairness. P.S. If someone has a hardship with the new fee...give me a call...you can be my guest :)

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We will be long gone before there are "thousands" if homes.

John Hein

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