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Vote thoughtfully

We received the following letter with a request that it be published:

The ballots are out for the second phase of the Country Club Board elections.  Two current board members, Vince Lepera and Jeff Frost are on the ballot.  They are both champions of having the Club declare bankruptcy in the very near future.  If you like that option and are willing to live with the consequences, maybe you should vote for them.  But for the sake of the whole community, as well as our club, we urge you to vote for candidates who oppose bankruptcy and want a chance to turn things around.  Excluding the two incumbents, one of whom was not even on the first ballot, the next three highest vote getters were Richard "Dick" Brandt, Gerard Ortner, Jr., and Jon Snyder.  That's who you should vote for.  Even though the other candidates are good people and would make good board members, voting for one of them will only dilute your vote against bankruptcy.  We strongly urge that you vote for Dick, Jerry and Jon.

Ted Hart, Past President of RMCC
Greg Baugher, Past President of RMCC

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RMCC vote

I'm one of those who is on the ballot.  I tried to get my name off but was too late to do so.  I did not want to be on the ballot so that the votes I did get could go to Dick, Gerry and John.  If you voted for me please cast your vote for one of them.


Dan Klaff

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It would have been nice if

It would have been nice if the new candidates articulated  some of their ideas instead of simply opposing chapter 11.

It's about policy and ideas in my mind.

John Hein

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