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Warning signs that your infected with a virus/spyware window's Pc's /Mac

1.There appears to be a pop up that is asking you to pay money to clean out files.

2. Surfing the Internet is slowed down to a crawl

3. When clicking on a file you see the spinning wheel of death "Mac" and on  "Pc" a blue circle spinning.

4. If you see a pop up that say's your infected, just hold the power button down and restart the computer. if it comes back, call your It tech.


Unfortunately, no tech can keep up with all the hacking going on "spyware/viruses causing all the havoc that causes all these issue's.  I hear so many times, "why do I get infected with a viruses/spyware', when I have an anti virus/spyware program. Simple answer is, There are so many viruses/spyware out there that your anti virus/spyware cannot keep up with all the attacks! plan and simple truth. I can go into all the Do's and Don'ts on what to click on and what to install. But even that could change considering how clever the attacks become.


Something to think about. Make sure you have a back up of your Mac! "Time Machine" and on a Pc", software that will not only backup your files? but, a software program that backs ups your operating system as well.


If you think your system has a virus/spyware stop using it immediately! You will only make things harder for your tech to get  rid of the infection, not including spreading it to your contact list.


Last, If your system is running slow contact a your IT tech that can run a diagnostic to see if your hard drive is failing, meaning "your about ready to loose all your data on your hard drive"! And Yes this happens to "Mac's " as well! I see 2 Mac's a week where the hard drive have failed.  and again they do get viruses'. 

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Ransom demands

If you are using Chrome as a browser and all of a sudden a notice that your computer is being held for ransom, an easy way to rid the notice is:

     1.  Right click on task bar

     2.  A list of tasks will pop up.

     3.  Click on Chrome

     4.  Click on end task and presto the ransom message will be gone  

     5.  This works most of the time.

Bill Day

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