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This was posted Nov 29, 2018

"Sullivan said the supermarket, a Bel Air, part of the Raley’s chain, could begin construction this winter and be open in October 2019. In addition to the weather, the construction start is dependent on the commercial development reaching a 70 percent leasing threshold, which is very near, he said."

So where are we on this???? I didn't go back further in archives but I THINK that this was supposed to have been already completed by now when they first started promising our new beginnings for a bigger, better Rancho Murieta.  I AM happy that we got a new market out it.....I LOVE our little Raley's....but still......

I don't see ANY construction going on over there.....but then my eyes are bad so if anyone has any REAL info fire away.

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Jan Kays - I've wondered the

Jan Kays - I've wondered the same thing. I too love our little Raleys store but I've been here almost 4 years and I've heard about the new construction since I've lived here. It keeps getting moved out a year. Then I heard about the Halloween finish time but didn't see much progress so I asked a clerk in the little Raleys about the schedule and he said he heard it would be next Spring. Is there anyone who knows something for sure?

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