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Your recommendations improve the Business Directory

Having published RanchoMurieta.com since 2000, we've learned the problem with online business recommendations is that you need the recommendation now, but you didn’t care about it six months ago, or two years ago, when you sorta remember reading it. (And good luck getting the search engine – any search engine – to find it easily for you.)

We’ve seen the same advice-seeking questions over and over. Now (after 17 years!), we may have a solution. 

We have taken the business recommendations published by RM.com members in the Forums since mid-2012 and incorporated them into our Business Directory. So now, in addition to being able to find names and phone numbers for businesses, and the star ratings members have given the businesses, you can find links to recommendations members have written in that business category.


You’ll find the recommendation links at the top of categories. There are recommendations in 40 categories. If a category has no recommendations, it means members haven't written any in the last five years.

See the Business Directory.

We deleted recommendations for businesses we knew were no longer in operation, but since these recommendations go back five years, we didn’t catch them all. Each recommendation has a publication date, so you can decide if it’s too old to be reliable. Also, for your sake, the most we allowed any business was 10 recommendations. That’s certainly enough to make a strong point about the business; more and the list would be too long and unwieldy.

If you value this feature, please return the favor to your neighbors by rating businesses in the directory and posting comments about businesses, pro or con, in the Forums. We’ll integrate all future comments into the directory too, so they’ll always be easy to find.

And drop us a line at editor@ranchomurieta.com, or here in the Forums, if you see information that’s outdated or incorrect.

As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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