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The Niners celebrated our year-end update on Dec. 14

2017 Charm & Putt Winners:

Charm Contenders for Low Net:

  • Frances Aguilar
  • Barb Buzdon
  • Mary Carroll
  • Betty Ferraro
  • Elaine Fowler 
  • Sue Girsch
  • Mindy Jenkins
  • Chris Pasek

Elaine Fowler

Winner of the Gold Charm is Elaine Fowler with a Net Score of 35!        

Putt Contenders for Low Putts:

  • Mary Beth Alameida
  • Barbara Armstrong
  • Judy Benjamin
  • Barb Buzdon
  • Mary Carroll
  • Elaine Fowler
  • Sue Girsch
  • Mindy Jenkins
  • Laura McAllister
  • Jane Miller
  • Chris Pasek
  • Liz Smaker

Chris Pasek

Winner of the Silver Charm is Chris Pasek with a total of 14 putts!

Congratulations Elaine & Chris!!


Niner Officers for 2018 are the following, from left:

1st row - Cathleen Riebe – Captain

2nd row- Carol Randall – Special Projects

Elaine Fowler – Co-Tournament Chair

Brenda Rutherford – Treasurer

Sheryl Bray – Handicap Chair

Mary Beth Alamedia – Co-Tournament Chair

3rd row- Chris Pasek – Special Projects

Peggy Harrigan – Co-Tournament Chair

4th row- Elizabeth Meyer – Co- Captain

Judy Somers – Treasurer

Mary Carroll – Co-Tournament Chair

Laura McAllister – Past Captain 

Not pictured-Betty Ferraro- Membership Chair

Niners are looking forward to 2018! Happy new year to all!

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