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The RM Niners Club Championship was a three-day event playing nine holes on the North Front for Round 1, the South Back for Round 2 and the North Back for Round 3.  There were three flights based on the current index.

Congratulations to Mary Beth Alamedia for her Low Gross Over the Field Win!

  • The 1st Flight Winners were Laura McAllister in 1st Place, Renee Renwick in 2nd Place, Chris Pasek in 3rd Place and Kathy Jaime came in 4th Place.
  • The 2nd Flight Winners were Deb Contini in 1st Place, Elaine Fowler in 2nd Place, Cheryle James in 3rd Place and Elizabeth Meyer came in 4th Place.
  • The 3rd Flight Winners were Jane Miller in 1st Place, Barbara Buzdon in 2nd Place and Frances Aguilar in 3rd Place.

The Low Gross Winners in each flight will participate in a Championship Tournament on October 9 at Peninsula Country Club.

Congratulations to all the winners!  Good job!

– Kathy Jaime, Publicity Chair, RM Niners Golf Club

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