The Rancho Murieta Voices performed at The Meadows, a senior residence in Elk Grove, on June 14, 2012. It was a new facility for the group which is one of the goals set last year; to expand the number of places where they sing. The facility staff put the Voices in a very nice room upstairs that had the piano. Most of the residents who had been exercising in that room stayed to listen to the chorus sing.

Myrna Solomon the alternate director was standing in for Lee Holm who was not able to be there and assumed the duties of conducting the group. As always the chorus sang those wonderful, uplifting songs that are specifically selected for the residents that live in these facilities. The people who attended really enjoyed the songs and most of them sang along with the chorus.

After the Voices were done, many in the audience came up to thank members of the chorus in person. One woman came up to the conductor and chatted with her about playing several instruments in her younger years and that she had sung in a group for several years and knew all of the songs except for three of them.

As always, the Rancho Murieta Voices get a huge amount of personal satisfaction from spending some quality time with these seniors which gives their audiences a bit of additional enjoyment in their otherwise routine day. The chorus is looking forward to another performance next month.

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