For the last several weeks the Rancho Murieta Voices started learning a couple of new songs because one of their members, Gaby Martel, requested that they sing at her 90th Birthday Party on April 20th.

Lee Holmes, the director of the Voices, decided to select some songs that had significance to Gaby’s history, and heritage. Because of her French heritage, the Voices learned, “Dites-Moi” which is a favorite of hers. They also learned a modified version of “Charley on the MTA” titled, “Gaby on the MTA because Gaby lived in the Boston area for several years. Lee also selected a few songs that are sung regularly, and are a favorite at the senior facilities as well as Gaby and the rest of the group.

The guests who were in attendance at Gaby’s party really enjoyed the music that the Voices sang, and clearly Gaby was thrilled at the selection of songs that were chosen to sing to her for her special day.

For the several weeks that the Voices were practicing the music for Gaby’s party, to keep it a secret from her, she was banished from attending the practices. The entire Rancho Murieta Voices look forward to having Gaby back singing with them again at the next rehearsal on Thursday.

It was a lot of fun and an honor for the Voices to participate in celebrating Gaby’s 90th Birthday Party and wish her the BEST for many years to come.

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