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The new bar at the 19th Hole was unveiled Saturday for Country Club members. That's Bob Johnson, the club's general manager, working the bar at left. (Click photo for larger image.)


Country Club unveils new Parasol Room and 19th Hole Lounge


The new chandeliers draw your eye to the ceiling and help you quickly grasp why the room was named Parasol.


Designer Marty McBride and her husband, Dale, mingled with the crowd. They're at the niche that marks the entry to the Parasol Room. She said it will have a table and artwork as soon as the items arrive.


The bar features a wood detail lit from within.


A handsome set of carved doors separates the bar from the rest of the building. The medium-tone brown of the wood is echoed on all the doors.

Published Sunday, July 22, 2001

Hundreds turned out Saturday afternoon for a celebration at the Rancho Murieta Country Club marking the reopening of the Parasol Room and the 19th Hole Lounge.

Serenaded by a small band, members wandered between the bar and the dining room snacking on sushi and salmon and admiring the results of months of remodeling.

An early California influence is evident throughout the design, from the rounded edges of walls and arches to tiled niches and handmade, black iron light fixtures. Designer Marty McBride drifted through the crowd with her husband, Dale, listening to the members reacting with pleasure to the changes. Her goal, she said, was to "make the building what it wanted to be from the beginning" and she praised the craftsmen who carried out the work.

A thick wall punctuated with several sets of doors now separates the two rooms. The wood tones of the doors and frames stand out against the white of the wall. The subtle texture of hand-planed door panels gives the connotation of age and tradition. The retractable accordion partition that was used previously to divide the two spaces has become a distant memory.

Another welcome change is the entry to the two spaces. The perfunctory hallway has become a foyer with a niche that's the focal point for the entry to the Parasol Room.

A new, handmade Turkish rug in muted tones sits on the dark, tile floor. The rug, said McBride, "has the look of a really fine antique without the price." Beyond this entrance, an archway leads to the bar.

It's now readily apparent how the Parasol Room derived its name. The new chandeliers draw your gaze to the intersecting ceiling beams, which create the illusion of a huge market umbrella opened over the entire room.

As the crowd grew, the noise level rose, and it took a bit of maneuvering to get to the bar and the hors d'oeuvres tables. Undaunted, one woman surveyed the scene happily and remarked, "This is what we've needed."

The Parasol Room will be open for business by noon Tuesday, the club says, and Friday-night entertainment resumes at the 19th Hole this week.