Happy holidays, Rancho Murieta!

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Here's a video look at the home Christmas lights honored this year by the Rancho Murieta Association. The video is two songs covering 19 homes. If you want to see a list of the homes and a map to do your own tour, which we recommend, you'll find that here. Read more » about Happy holidays, Rancho Murieta!

We Live Here: An otter sunrise

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Paul Anderson does it again. Our neighborhood nature photog brings back a collection of sunrise photos of a family of otters, including the first shot below, which shows four of them gathered on a log at Lake Clementia, faces into their fur, grooming themselves. All told, there were five in the group, Paul says. And guess what? We live here. (Click for larger images)

Otters   Otters Read more » about We Live Here: An otter sunrise

We Live Here: Our eagles, then and now

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Bald eagle

Honored photographer (and neighbor) Paul Anderson shares a recent landing shot of one of our bald eagles, as remarkable an eagle shot as we've published. The bald eagles are certainly one of the glories of life in Rancho Murieta. Click the photo to see it larger, and realize its full quality, and then click this link to see what we believe were the first eagle photos published at RanchoMurieta.com, in 2007-08. Camera technology has advanced quite a bit in the last 11 years – and of course Paul's quite a photographer – but it's one of those night/day differences, as you'll see. (Click for larger image) Read more » about We Live Here: Our eagles, then and now

We Live Here: The wooden bridge

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Pedestrian bridge

When it opened in 2007, everyone thought it was pretty, but probably no one thought the community’s wooden bridge would become the Rancho Murieta icon it is today.  The 410 feet of weathering wood and supports underneath, with their river rock designs, capture something essential about our community. It’s striking when you stand alongside, when you view it from the air or when you walk across. How it came to be is quite a story, too long for this space, but you can read it here. (Click for larger image) Read more » about We Live Here: The wooden bridge

'We Live Here' – in Rancho Murieta

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We hope you enjoy this video, which kicks off a new content category at RanchoMurieta.com called "We Live Here," capturing the best of Rancho Murieta. Please contribute. When you shoot a photo or video that fits this bill, let us know at editor@ranchomurieta.com. If the photo/video can be sent in by email, great – send it in. If it can't be handled by email, let us know that and we'll get back to you with another way to share it. To get "We Live Here" started, we've gone back through recent photos and tagged them "We Live Here." To see this collection, just click this link or the "We Live Here" tag below. The family portraits in this video were shot by Murietan Justin Hayduk. Read more » about 'We Live Here' – in Rancho Murieta

A new season, announced silently

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Autumn slips over Rancho Murieta gently, with shorter days and chilly nights and turning the leaves of one tree, then another, and another. Sunday afternoon, as sunset cast our bridge in gold, a lone tree was proof enough that a new season is on its way. (Click for larger image.) Read more » about A new season, announced silently

Summerfest opens its once-a-year run

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Photo gallery (52 photos from Friday night Summerfest)

Crowds, rides, neon, food, live music and fun – Summerfest is back in town. The carnival began its two-day run at Stonehouse Park Friday evening with rides on everything from flying elephants to a whimsical train for the little ones, and gravity-defying thrill rides for the big kids, plus games of skill and challenges for the adventurous that include rock climbing and bobbing inside a giant plastic bubble. The big show in our own backyard continues through Saturday, thanks to the local volunteers of Summerfest. The schedule is available here. Read more » about Summerfest opens its once-a-year run

A night of country at Lake Clementia

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ETC country show

Photo gallery: 38 shots of the crowd and the show

It seemed like much of Rancho Murieta had a cowboy hat and friends in low places Saturday night, as Entertainment, Theatre & Culture brought a night of country music to Lake Clementia Amphitheater. There were tributes to three of country's biggest stars – from left, Keith Urban (performed by Michael Thompson), Zac Brown (Elton Lammie) and Garth Brooks (Les Saint) and what looked like ETC's biggest crowd of the season. It was the singing-est, that's for sure, as the crowd helped Garth wrap up his set with a belted-out "Friends in Low Places," below. ETC's next show, Hotel California, an Eagles tribute, is Aug. 11. Learn more about it, and ETC, here. (Click photos for larger images.)

ETC crowd Read more » about A night of country at Lake Clementia

Another Murieta July 4 is in the books

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The fireworks are spectacular every year. (Click photo for larger images.)

You couldn’t have asked for better weather to celebrate Independence Day in Rancho Murieta. This Fourth of July dialed back the heat to deliver a sunny day with temperatures consistent with a great round on the North Course. It was the perfect day to do a 5K run, have a pancake breakfast, watch a parade, go to a carnival, dance at sunset, and end the evening with fireworks at the front lake. And thousands of residents did just that with friends and family. We have 275 photos, scattered across Rancho Murieta's July 4, to prove it. Read more » Read more » about Another Murieta July 4 is in the books

Unforgettable morning on Lake Clementia

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Eagle fishing

It was a spectacular Sunday morning on Lake Clementia for 9-year-old Jackson Haviland, who was there with his dad, Nic. As captured in this photo by neighbor Paul Anderson, Jackson had a front-row seat as one of our bald eagles did a bit of fishing. Anderson was in another boat and Nic Haviland was on a paddle board. This is one of those times when you really should click the photo to see it at larger size. Read more » about Unforgettable morning on Lake Clementia


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