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The car in last month’s accident on Colbert Drive flipped over while traveling at an estimated 55 to 60 mph, Security Chief Greg Remson said Friday.

The California Highway Patrol provided the speed estimate at Security’s request, Remson said, adding it was based on measurements of the skid marks at the scene. Remson told the Community Services District Security Committee some skid marks were about 90 feet long, and he characterized one as “a roof skid.” The community’s speed limit is 25 mph.

Remson said Lt. Greg Ferrero, the local CHP commander, is checking into the matter and thinks the driver of the vehicle will be charged with hit-and-run driving at minimum.

“We’ll do all that we can do from our end,” Remson said, explaining that CSD Security is processing the incident as a Rancho Murieta Association rule violation for excessive speed. RMA imposes fines on members who violate the rules of the homeowners association.

Remson indicated the CHP has identified the driver, but they have not shared the identity. “So they determined that he was the one driving the car because witnesses saw him leave the accident?” asked CSD Director Betty Ferraro.

“Correct,” Remson replied.

Car flip

This vehicle was speeding when it was overturned by posts along the road, Security reports.

Remson said the vehicle was traveling at excessive speed on a curve when it hit the curb and some short posts along the roadway. “That just knocked him off enough to flip him over,” he said.

The driver left the scene after the rollover accident occurred about 6 p.m. April 15. CSD Security determined the vehicle was registered to a resident and attempted to contact the owner, but no one answered the door at the home. CHP officers at the scene took a report and had the vehicle, a Honda, towed.

At Friday’s committee meeting, Remson confirmed, as witnesses reported, that the driver suffered a “scrape on the head.” Remson was responding to a question Director Steve Mobley asked about the driver’s injuries.

In brief

  • The snakes are back, and Security is receiving at least one snake call a week, Remson said. Patrol officers are equipped with a plastic bucket with a lid and a pole with tongs for snake calls. The rattlesnake is the area’s only poisonous snake. Information about rattlesnakes and rattlesnake bites is available here.  So far this season patrol officers have encountered rattlesnakes, gopher and king snakes. Call Security at 354-CARE or security dispatch at 354-3743 about issues with snakes. 
  • Remson reported Security officers, Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff, and members of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department attended the Easter Egg Hunt at Stonehouse Park last month. The Sheriff’s Department fingerprinted at least 90 children at the event, according to Remson.

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