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Any cigar aficionados out there?

Curious if there is any interest out there for a cigar discussion group? Possibly meet once a month at various members homes for a good cigar and a round table concerning all things cigar like; best local shops, best online merchants, favorite cigars, cigar deals and general discussion. If anyone is interested in such a group please contact me at extremehotrod@sbcglobal.net or (916) 718-4980 for further information. Thank you.


Dennis Johnston

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Suggestions for cigar fans?


If this starts to come together, you could (1) create an online group here on RM.com to inform the community about the activities of your cigar friends and (2) invite RM.com to one of your sessions.  We won't smoke cigars with you, but it sounds like a good story or video to share with the rest of the community.  (And hey, everybody likes the smell of a cigar.)

Good luck finding other cigar fans!

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I most certainly will. Thanks for your interest and will let you know if we can get this Phoenix (no pun intended) off of the ground.



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