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Golf cart laws

I saw the CHP apparently ticketing two separate golf carts yesterday, 6/17/09, and wondered what that was about? Are they "cracking down" on Hiway 16 crossers? Does anyone know the lastest on the rules of the road for those of us who like to go over to the Plaza via GC?

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Cart tickets

Apparently some tickets were written for seatbelt violations.  It looks like an error on the part of the officer involved.

The community worked with the CHP in 2006 to develop cart safety requirements as part of a law, which took effect Jan. 1, 2007, that allowed Murietans to cross 16 in their carts.  The CSD sent all residents a notice in late 2006 with the safety requirements: For daytime crossings, carts must have a brake light, one rear reflector and a horn.  For nighttime crossings, the cart must also have a headlight and taillight.  Seatbelts are among the optional safety equipment.

See a December 2006 story on the topic here.

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More about cart tickets...

Security Chief Greg Remson says in an e-mail, "Yes, it is my understanding that seatbelts are an option, not a requirement for golf carts. Seatbelts are required for NEV vehicles. I am attempting to contact the Rancho Cordova CHP office for clarification."

He included the golf cart flyer distributed at the North and South gates and RMA office, which confirms this understanding.  Here's a PDF of the flyer.

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cart crossing

Chief Remson jumped on this one as soon as it came to his attention and he is awaiting return call from Lt. Ferrara of the CHP. Note, please that the seat belt enforcement may be wider in scope; my husband spends several days a week in Amador County and they are also currently on this bandwagon. While we do not own a golf cart, I do get a bit squeamish when I see carts with little ones both on the seat and hanging off the back, crossing that hump over 16 to the Plaza. I've also seen motorists run our red light with little or no concern for who may be in the roadway.

Bobbi Belton

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Carts crossing 16

Here's the latest from Security Chief Greg Remson:

I spoke with Lt. Ferrero from the Rancho Cordova CHP office about the citations. From what Lt. Ferrero understands, the violations and warnings given were correct, and were written to vehicles that the officer considered NEV or Low Speed Vehicles. We discussed the issue and there is a possible gray area regarding golf carts that have seats where the golf bags normally go. This may change their designation to a Low Speed Vehicle, which does require seat belts. The question is what is the use at the time-golf cart or passenger vehicle (Low Speed Vehicle)? Most of the rear seats can be tilted up to allow golf bags to be secured in the rear. He is researching this question and will hopefully get back to me today.

I cannot say at this time that a golf cart with a rear bench seat is legal to cross Jackson Road without a seatbelt.

To help clarify golf carts and NEV/Low Speed Vehicles at this time-

To cross Jackson Road:

Golf Cart: Must be used as a golf cart, with a designated place for golf bags, driven by a licensed driver, with one person per seat.

Daylight hours require: Stop lamp, one rear reflector, and a horn.

After dusk require: Stop Lamp, One Rear Reflector, Horn, Head Lamp, and Tail Lamp.

Seatbelts are not required.

NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) or Low Speed Vehicle: Must be driven by a licensed driver, have (and use) seat belts, with one person per seat.

Also required at all times are: Headlights, taillights, turn signals, stop lamps, reflectors, mirror, parking brake, and windshield.


Greg Remson

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