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Below is the memo read by Rancho Murieta Association Director Dick Cox at the July 21 RMA board meeting:


Rancho Murieta Community Services District Security Department

Date: March 5, 2009

To: All Officers

From: Greg Remson, Security Chief

Subject: SSD Calls for Assistance-Response to Law Enforcement Calls

I have been directed by General Manager Ed Crouse regarding responding with or for SSD oncalls for assistance, per RMCSD Policy 2008-05. Specifically, not to perform law enforcement functions. This includes providing assistance to and responding with or for SSD.

Until the internal response for calls procedures are completed:

  • Do not respond to calls for service with or for the Sacramento Sheriff s Department.
  • Do not respond to law enforcement calls when requested by a deputy.
  • Do not respond to law enforcement calls made by Sacramento Sheriffs Department dispatch.
  • Politely refuse these requests due to policy.

These calls include but are not limited to SSD requests to respond to or assist with:

  • 5150,
  • 911 hang-ups,
  • Alarms,
  • Domestic/Family Violence,
  • Emergency calls for officer assistance,
  • Loud parties,
  • Public intoxication,
  • Suspicious persons/vehicles,
  • Traffic enforcement,
  • Welfare checks.

Security Officers can respond to many non-violent calls for service and provide assistance for calls that were not requested by the Sheriffs Department. These calls for service will normally be made by residents, businesses and others within the District boundaries. This type ofassistance can include, minimally, to:

  • Observe & Report,
  • Mediate an issue,
  • Notify of a rule or law violation,
  • Issue a RMA Notice of Violation,
  • Contact parents,
  • Stabilize a scene until SSD response,
  • Refer the call to SSD,
  • Perform a Citizen's Arrest.

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