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Community Services District Security Chief Greg Remson reacted Thursday to security issues that came up at the Rancho Murieta Association meeting earlier in the week. RMA directors discussed a memo from Remson directing Security officers not to respond to calls for service requested by Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department personnel, a rumored arrest on July 4 that didn’t appear in the security logs, and other security matters.

At Tuesday night's RMA meeting, Director Dick Cox read from a list of calls in Remson’s March 5, 2009 memo that Security officers were directed not to respond to if asked by a deputy or Sheriff’s dispatch. The list included calls for alarms, loud parties, emergency officer assistance, suspicious persons/vehicles, domestic/family violence and welfare checks.

The policy results from a clarification of Security’s authority made by CSD legal counsel last year.

Greg Remson

On working with the Sheriff’s Department. Security Chief Greg Remson said, “We do everything we can to help them do their job as quickly as possible because we’re here and we know the people and we know what’s going on.” (2008 file photo)

Remson said Thursday that Security officers can still respond to some of the requests for service if they are made by a resident. “If a neighbor calls and says there’s an alarm at such and such a house, we’ll follow our procedure and go and take a look,” he said.

Security officers can’t respond to a request from a deputy or Sheriff’s Department dispatch because “the (CSD) board wants us to separate ourselves from the Sheriff’s Department more,” Remson said. “It’s a liability issue.”

In the past, “the Sheriff’s Department would on occasion call and ask us to respond to low-priority calls,” and on rare occasions, calls that involved fights or domestic violence, Remson said. Since his memo went to the sheriff's south bureau and communications department, “they don’t ask us anymore.”

Security still works with the Sheriff’s Department. “We do everything we can to help them do their job as quickly as possible because we’re here and we know the people and we know what’s going on,” Remson said.

The CSD board has decided to increase the use of off-duty deputies “to have a bigger presence of law enforcement,” Remson said. “But (law enforcement’s) hands are still tied as far as traffic … (because) they can’t make traffic stops inside the gate” since the Motor Vehicle Code hasn’t been adopted on the private roads.

However, arrests for drunk driving do take place within the gates, including citizen’s arrests by Security patrol officers.

The domestic violence incident RMA Director Mike Martel said resulted in an arrest July 4 was based on “erroneous information,” according to Remson. “There was no crime report taken, there was nobody taken to jail, period, the whole night,” he said.

Remson also disputed Martel’s contention that the incident and others were excluded from the security logs. “We’ll put everything in there. … Our goal is to provide basic information on what we’re doing,” Remson said.

But the level of detail is a different matter. “It’s a difficult thing to do because you’re trying to juggle accuracy, privacy and the right to know,” Remson said. He reviews, edits and updates the log entries before they’re released to the public.  The full logs as released are published here at RM.com.

RMA directors also talked about enforcement of the RMA rule against leaving garage doors open.  “It’s an invitation for theft," Remson said, "and it’s an invitation for the possums and the raccoons to wander in there looking for something to eat. It’s multiple things.” Patrol officers would be remiss if they didn’t advise residents about the open doors, he said.

Security turns violations of the garage door rule over to the RMA Compliance Department, and the RMA decides how to handle them. Garage door enforcement is not included in the RMA contract with CSD for driveway parking enforcement.

Residents in the gated community pay $23.89 a month for security services as part of their CSD bill, and much of the cost goes to operate manned gates at the North and South entrances.

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