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For All The Kids - Something New On The Horizon


Inspired by Rhonda Byrne's global phenomenon and international bestseller,
"The Secret", Paul Harrington, original producer of The Secret film, has written a stunning new book aimed directly at teenagers.

"The Secret to Teen Power" will be released in a few days, on September 15.

"The Secret to Teen Power" explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager's point of view. All the themes of teenage life - self-image, relationships, school, family, ambitions, values, and dreams - are covered in this brand new, all-embracing book.

This is a book perfect for teenage readers. Not only does it embrace all of the magnificent truths of the Law of Attraction, it puts amazing tools directly into the hands of a young readership, and includes inspirational real life stories written by teens themselves, witnessing how The Secret has helped them overcome adversity and achieve their goals.

And Look what Dr. Oz is doing for our teens!  It is in (2) California Schools so far!!!


You know - I think alot of Oprah and different celebrities that are out there working to do such good - Well, Dr. OZ has a new foundation - Health Corp ~ Changing Lives One Student At A Time- and the cool thing about this is the way they are going about helping the youth to eat and be healthier in a fun, inspirational and motivational way!  Check it out!


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