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We have just returned from the Craig Chaquico concert. It was great. During the concert my wife mentioned to me "I can't believe people are missing this!" We just want to say thank you to the people that work so hard to bring these events to Rancho Murieta.



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One of the Best!

Craig Chaquico rivaled with Pablo Cruise as one of the best ETC events we've had here. The vocalist he brought in was amazing, the flute player brought chills to me when she came on stage and started playing. Craig interacted with the crowd like he was one of us. His band members were all extremely talented. Thank you ETC for a wonderful evening. Please bring Craig Chaquico and Pablo Cruise back to RM again! I will come back from Atlanta to see them!

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One of the Best!

Lynda, I couldn't have said it better myself. The concert was EXCELLENT! It is definitely a tie between Craig Chaquico and Pablo Cruise for the best performances.

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Agreed.  One of the best concerts  we've had here.  Craig acted as though he really enjoyed being here and performing.  The vocalist and the flute player were both great additions to the concert.  I hope more people will support ETC by joining next year.


Jim Moore

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