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That time of year? Computer issues.

It's that time of year when everyone is rushing to get back to school and sit down to write their favorite essay, when low and behold their computer freezes up and stops responding. A few suggestions

1. Do a scan disk on your computer. Double click on "My Computer" and look for "Local Disk C and right click on the icon, scroll down to properties and left click on that. This will open up to a tab. Look for "Tools" open that tab up. You will see a few choice's in that Box. "Error-checking" This option will check your disk for "Errors" Hit check now" Put a check mark in both unchecked Box's. Next, hit the start button. A message will say that the scan disk cannot be preformed at this time Click on the YES button.At this point reboot the computer and the scan disk will run when the PC reboots. You may ask? why do a scan disk? This will allow the computer to fix any corrupted file's on your hard drive and allow the indexing of files to be fixed.

2.After running the scan disk, "This might take about an hour to run" Do a defrag of your system. This can be found in the same location as the scan disk Tool. Running a defrag will allow all your files to be compacted on your hard drive instead of being spread out and fragmented.In short,this will your system to run faster.

3.I call this "Preventive -Maintenance" which I do for all my clients in the local community. I hope this information helps out a little bit and will stop your PC from freezing up on you. You my respond back to me in this forum or I can be found under "The Business Directory" under computer service on this web page. Side note" If you have viruses or spyware on your PC this will slow down the computer! Or, if your hard drive is going bad you may what to have your system check out by a tech.

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Computer Maintanece

Damon, thanks for the detailed tips to speed up my computer.  I followed you instructions and cleaned up my hard drive.  I for one appreciate your postings on computers for those of use who are not to sharp on them. 

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Joined: 08/13/2007
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I'm always glad to give out helpful information.

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re: computer help

Myrna Solomon

I originally called Damon to come over to fix my computer several years ago, and since then, he comes over periodically to do preventative maintenance on our two computers.  As a result of this, our computers have definitely lasted longer and have run so much faster than if we hadn't had him doing this regular maintenance on them. We do this for our cars, so it really makes sense to do the same to our computers. Especially since we are integrating them into our daily lives, and know how frustrating it is when our computers stop working. I really appreciate that he has this service out here and because he lives in the community, it makes it convenient for me to have him close by when my computer acts up!

Myrna Solomon

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Very helpful tips Damon

I thought I might add my two cents to prevent some computer issues farther down the road since I am a pc tech myself.  Damon mentioned spyware, the best way to prevent this is to not go to websites that promote illegal or suspicious activity. Websites that use ad pop-ups are ten times more likely to carry spyware and trojans than others.

Spybot is probably the best freeware application when it comes to the prevention and removal of spyware. They are currently at version 1.4, unless you are running Windows 95(use version 1.3 instead). You can find it at: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/spybotsd/index.html   I would recommend against the tea-timer option(unless you like clicking on warning messages) Make sure you update the definitions at least once a week and run immunize. Always make sure your Anti-virus definitions are up to date.


Also, if you're handy with a screwdriver and your pc is not sealed with a warranty sticker, you should clean out your pc with a can of compressed air at least twice a year. The inside of your pc is one giant dust magnet. The build-up of dust can eventually cause fans to fail, which will lead to overheating issues. Do not shake the can of compressed air while you work, and let the pc cool down for about an hour before you attempt this.  Or just contact a pro like Damon or myself.


Lastly, do not pay AT&T to have your DSL set-up.  This is a fairly simply procedure that most people can do for themselves or one of your local IT pros can do this for less than half of what AT&T would charge. Yes, AT&T DSL should work just about anywhere in Rancho Murieta at PRO speeds or more(Downstream Speed: Up to 3.0 Mbps Upstream Speed: Up to 512 Kbps) since it works great at the Village, RM South & North.


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