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Bridge crossings

On the first tee, South Course, I counted 5 carts coming from the South, 3 without golf bags, that used the Yellow bridge as access to the North.  Teeing off was delayed to allow the carts to pass the tee box.  Not a great amount of time lost, however isn't that what the new bridge is for?  This happens quite frequently.

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Bridge Crossings

Sorry Bill, but if the carts all had RMCCstickers, they have every right to use the bridge.  IMO, the gates along the levee on 2 south and 1 north should also be keyed to allow members to use those gates as well, then there would be less member traffic on the yellow bridge, and more convienence for the members.

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Dusty access

I have to admit, I'm guilty of using the yellow bridge for non golf related activities.  I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, because I'd rather use the new bridge, but it's dangerous and very dusty.  There are a couple of turns that people take to fast and don't stay in their "lane".  I usually have others in the rear seat of my cart and its impossible not to be affected by the dust.  Any word on the access trail being paved?

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