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A resident shared her concerns about mountain lion sightings with the Community Services District Security Committee last week after Security Chief Greg Remson reported there were three sightings in September -- two in the vicinity of Laguna Joaquin and one on the 10th hole of the South Course.

"Looks like he might still be hanging around," Remson said.  

"I am concerned about the amount of sightings. ...It's literally in my backyard and there are so many kids in that neighborhood," said Carrie Zenker. "What I'm particularly concerned about is the casual comfort of this mountain lion."

Remson said sightings are reported to a state Fish and Game biologist, and he offered to provide Zenker with contact information for the biologist. "Right now they're saying we're in mountain lion country" and unless the animal acts aggressive, no action will be taken, Remson said.

"So their point of view is unless it attacks a child ...?" Zenker asked.

"Pretty much ... that's their policy," Remson said.

"Wow, doesn't that seem backwards?" Zenker said.

President Wayne Kuntz said Fish and Game considers this a wildlife area where mountain lion sightings are to be expected.

"I look at my neighborhood and I don't see a wildlife area," Zenker said. "I see an area with a lot of houses and a lot of children around. ... Maybe they were here first, but we're here now. ... The deer population is just out of hand."

Mountain lions prey on deer, which thrive in Rancho Murieta. The community is designated as a private refuge, where it is unlawful to discharge firearms or hunt.

Mountain lion sightings should be reported to Security at 354-CARE or 354-3743.

Information about standard precautions to take about mountain lions is available here.


Other Security news in September

  • Two patrol openings have been filled.
  • Bids are being obtained for cameras for the pedestrian bridge.
  • A clerk was struck in the head with a bottle during a shoplifting incident at Country Store. It was one of several shoplifting incidents at the store in recent months.
  • Volunteers in Partnership with the Sheriff are still needed to staff the James L. Noller Safety Center. The center is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. VIPS take police reports and conduct neighborhood patrols after they complete their training with the Sheriff's Department.

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