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I was told the oaks were a protected tree. Much to my surprise the folks on Via Del Cerrito are on a rampage cutting down all the front yard trees. Maybe they weren't Oaks and I hope there was a good reason because I am not pleased and would rather these folks move than any more trees lost. Mr. Lentz, these are your neighbors, what is the deal??

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Mr. Brown:

The trees refered to were majorly infected with Tree Beetles and Fungi.  Verified by RMA and Tree Tech posing a structural danger to the property.  Two very large ones came down last year.  I too hate to see them go but rather that than having them in the living room.


Chuck Lentz

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Open Mouth, Insert Foot



I have read a number of your posts concerning safety and believe you have made reference to risk management.  Why would you jump to the conclusion that the trees were indescriminately cut down?  Do you want to pay for the insurance cost should one of these trees fall on the house and cause serious damage?


If you are truly concerned, all you would have to do is go down to the RMA office and you will find that this request has gone thru the process of both external and internal review.


My suggestion is for you to stop bloviatingSealed on issues you don't seem to really understand.  Suggesting that someone move because you don't like something is way over the top.


Michael F. Burnett

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Well said Mike, I am in

Well said Mike, I am in complete agreement with you!

John Hein

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The trees are being managed

These trees we judged to be a danger due to their condtion.  Its a reality of trees, they grow, some become diseased or damaged and then they must be removed. 

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Mr. Burnett et al:


Your sensitive response is appreciated. I must say I was hot because everywhere I have moved the trees are victim of the axe. Following the issues the last few years did not lead me to believe anything was managed, I am happy to be wrong.

Mr. Lentz thank you for transcending my opinions re: the airport and answering the question politely. To the home owners of the treeless property, my apologies and sorrow. To me I have no apology for caring, albeit, too much. (and that home is for sale the last I heard, therefore the move comment.)


Thanks for straightening me out.




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