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Vintage Baseball - Looking for new Ballists!

Miss playing hard ball? Wish you could be in uniform again? Love the sound of the wooden crack of the bat? Need a new nickname that will stick?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have the perfect elixir for you. Vintage Base Ball is being played in your own back yard! We play by the rules of the 1880's, and use equipment from that era as well (think padded gardening glove). Yes, it's a hitters league for sure, which just adds to the fun.


The Gold Country Vintage Base Ball League is adding at least one new team for the coming year. Roster slots are available on the home town Bandits, as well as other teams in the surrounding area (Ione/Jackson and Sacramento County). It's a great chance to picnic at the park with friends/family, and enjoy the Spring/Summer with baseball as it was meant to be played. We play every other week (sometimes every third week) between May and August.


If you are interested in getting more information, or want to take a crack at it, contact me by e-mail (drblake4@yahoo.com) or phone (I'm in the book). You can also check out the league website at:


We'd love to see you on the yard with us.


Blake "Calaboose" Carmichael



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Thanks Blake for putting

Thanks Blake for putting this together.  Since it only requires a time committment of a few hours twice a month and half the games are played at Stonehouse, it sounds like a nobrainer for any Murietans who played high school or college ball.

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And then there were two . .

Only 2 spots remain on the Bandits roster for 2008.  The league is a blast (from the past). I encourage anyone intersted to contact Blake, Matt or myself for more information about the "Grand Old Game".Below is the 2007 squad in full regala . . .Rancho Murieta Bandits 2007

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League Still looking for players

Thank you to everyone who has called with interest in the RM Bandits! We are looking forward to a great season. At the moment, we have 11 players confirmed for the squad, but we can carry one more. So, if you are interested, please give me a call (in the book) or an e-mail (drblake4@yahoo.com).


Even if the Bandits get filled, there are teams from nearby areas that are looking for ballists. However, practices in RM are open to all players, regardless of team assignment. That way we can all enjoy the grand old game here in RM!


Your 2008 Bandits are (with some license on nicknames):

Jonathan "Junk Yard Dog" Aberle

Phil "Philthy" Albee

Kevin "Bags" Bagley

Blake "Calaboose" Carmichael

Terry "The Terror" Conway

Matt "Splint" Corsaut

John "Deuce Hog" Dodson

Steve "Handy Man" Hanson

Ben "Hit Man" Hardt

Craig "Sky High" Sheehy

Mark "Wally" Walthers



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