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Tis the Season?

Before I began I would like to tell all my clients "Happy Thanksgiving".Every year around the holiday's I'll recieve a few phone calls Stating "My computer is acting up" And my response is always. Did you let anyone near it? There's always a pause in their answer before they respond "well yes". A few tips to the wise. 1.Unplug the power cord to your PC ASAP and say it's taking a rest.2.Unplug the monitor and say its sleeping and you can't wake it up now.3.Tell them that the PC took a vacation and doesn’t want to be found. OK, so I'm joking around a bit. But the fact still remains it does not matter how good your anti-virus is or spy ware protection is. If someone is messing around with your PC and downloading things you’re bound to get some thing. I hope everyone has a safe holiday. Please fill free to write back to me in this forum or I can be found under “The Business Directory” under computer services on this web page.

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