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Development News

Great news! Thank you to the RMA directors for their dedicated research regarding Murieta development proposals. Through their discovery, it appears, an Annexation Declaration was filed in the 1980's for Murieta acreage which may include the proposed development property.

Note-- this declaration was filed 20 years before the developers even came to town. This is monumental news to citizens, to the county and, I can only imagine, to the developers.

Annexation, although just one concern of citizens, is important in more ways than the obvious. Annexation allows Murietans to influence the type of development proposed. It allows residents to have at least some level of control over our own destiny.

Annexation allows us to impact the level of grading to hillsides, as well as to (whenever possible) site proposed construction around existing trees, rather than accepting the environmentally detrimental approach which 4 supervisors (other than Don Nottoli) have indicated they will otherwise approve.

Questions which have already been sent to the county are:
1. Can the county approve the development map on Wednesday, December 5th, in light of this new information?
2. Does the county need to re-circulate the Final EIR in a new Draft edition (at least the land use/planning sections of the EIR) to comply with the CEQA requirements to reveal all new and vital information?
3. Can the county certify a Final EIR on Wednesday before that draft recirculation occurs?

If you have any questions about development issues, feel fee to email me at PatCan85@aol.com or you can call my cell at 955 2027. Thank you.

Candy Chand

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