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What's inappropriate language in Murieta today?

Recently, one of us posted a forum comment with the headline "GOD D*MN RIGHT!"  It didn't bother me, but it did prompt a RM.com member to flag the comment as objectionable.

The unhappy reader -- a woman who makes her points very nicely -- objects to the use of "God" (but maybe not "damn") and says the asterisk doesn't make a difference.  She points out that the forum is available to children.

I have my thoughts, but I wonder about yours.  Is that objectionable?  Should it be allowed?

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Inappropriate language

That's a tough one. I'd say it depends upon where you are and to whom  you are speaking. Do you know exactly how many "children" read your site and what ages they are?

Bobbi Belton

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Totally personal opinion.

Totally personal opinion. But I think the use of "God" is a personal preference, and falls under freedom of speech.  "Damn" is considered a "curse" word, although NOT a horrible one, that would be something you'd have to allow or not allow, across the board right?


On the issue of children, I'd say thats a non issue.. Parents should monitor what their young children are doing on the internet. period.  If their too big too be monitored so closely, then i'm sure they can handle reading the word damn.


Just my opinion ;)

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It will naturally digress from here, if allowed. Unfortunately some folks are limited in their language capacity and maybe we can't discriminate.

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too grey

It might be pushing the envelope of decency, but censoring it is a bad idea in my opinion. Once you filter this one, where do you draw the line in the future? Don't the TV/Radio folks have a list of banned words? Maybe that's a place to start as a benchmark if this is a real concern for the site.

 For this instance, I think most people can read it, take it for what it's worth (a passionate person hilighting a point), and move on.

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Timeless Decency

Interesting topic as to the time of year to discuss it.  The question is whether this language should be allowed on the site and I think the answer is no.  Not to abridge anyones free speech rights which btw are not unregulated either but its a matter of what is necessary.  If you feel that being that profane improves youre oratory then so be it but think of what it says about your soul and your respect for common decency.  This is a slippery slope that will lead to far worse.  If someones speech is quoted as a matter of public record simply redact the statement to include (_______)..expletive deleted.

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It is pretty difficult for

It is pretty difficult for me to censor anyone in a forum like this, when there are so many radio and TV prime time shows that use far worse words and phrases, not to mention things which can be seen. I don’t know that it’s a good thing, but the truth is, the rhetoric and the mores of the world have changed tremendously.


At one time there were two very different acceptable way to speak and act. One was the way people would speak and act in the presence of their family, and the other one was what was acceptable away from the family. I think all that’s happened is, the gap between the two has almost disappeared.


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Richard Robinson

It certainly is in bad taste, but I don't think censoring is the solution to bad or foul language . Ranchomurieta.com requires your name to be attached to posting's that alone should deter adults from such language in a public forum.

Richard Robinson


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For all here!  Dick Cheney, Our VP used much more a couple of months back.  I personally felt that it was appropriate.  I believe in God and I believe in Damn.  At 77 years of age, I can't remember that verbage being abusive.  Bet each of you heard than minimal expletivew as a kid and it did little to make you what our kids are today.  Then again, we had parents that cautioned us as to what we heard as they did about the destruction of light bulbs, etc.  

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