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Trees along the Cosumnes

Since no one is forced to read the Forum I feel free to write when I can and wonder what impact it has regardless of my position. As I ponder such thoughts, I read about the tug of war over the trees at the airport. I pictured myself as one of those trees. Will I live or will I die? If I die, why?


Because someone wants to fly in at night once in a while. That's why more than a hundred trees need to be cut down, hey that's better than the original 145.


I wish they'd cut them down so I don't have to think about the injustice we continue to serve on nature.



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I agree.... The trees were

I agree....

The trees were there before the airport....

 I wish the same save the oak tree campaign where the developers want to put the new homes on the North, had the same importance as all of the very mature oaks they want to cut down for nighttime ops.  Trees are trees and they are both in RM.  Hmmmmmmmm....


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Apparently, it matters not what, objections will arise.  Haven't 'heard one word about the Young Eagles that the pilots here provide for our young to aquaint them with the possibility of a very great future.  Yes, Trees were here before the developement.  Where were not trees before any other developement you know about.  The Airport was here too before either of you came.  Now you want to close it for those that work in the bay area or anywhere else that gets them home before the sun sets.  Why not get the hiways closed when the sun goes down?  Wake up,  Idiocy! 

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I like the airport. I do not

I like the airport. I do not mind the airport, so you wake up :-)

It is a nice asset to the area.

Just seems a little odd that it is okay to kill 150 mature oak trees(or whatever the number is) which some are 100-150 years old, SO a few pilots can land their planes at NIGHT because they choose to fly their planes to work or where ever else. Just doesn't make sense to me.

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