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Development: The good and bad news

Re: Rancho Murieta Development --The good and the bad:



First the bad news:


On December 12, 2007 four supervisors: Macglashan, Peters, Dickinson and Yee chose to certify an EIR, and approve projects for Rancho Murieta, despite an onslaught of CEQA red flags from citizens, environmental groups, federal and state regulators, including the former Attorney General, Bill Lockyer.


And now, for the good news:


1. The county does Not have the final say regarding development approvals. The federal government does. Fortunately for Murieta, the US Army Corps of Engineers recently turned down the developers request for a Nationwide permit. In the midst of overwhelming correspondence from citizens, environmental groups and higher government officials, the corps is now undertaking NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) review of Ranch Murieta. Please note: Developers cannot build anything without Corps permits, and, for now, the Corps has chosen further study.


2  Developers cannot construct anything without a Transportation Management Plan.. Oddly enough, according to the county’s own requirement, this plan is 15 years overdue. However, the county has, only now, decided to comply. The Transportation Management plan will take some time to complete and will need its own Environmental Impact Report. No building can move forward until it’s complete.


3. The developers cannot construct a single house, (can’t even pull a building permit) until a new drinking water plant is up and running (not just started) . That project will take approximately 18 months to 2 years to complete, after funding..


4  The door to legal challenge is wide open for both citizens, as well as environmental groups who’ve taken great interest in our community’s sensitive habitat.


5  But most important of all, after years of battle, (going all the way back to our petition) the citizens, environmental groups, Supervisor Nottoli, and even Bill Lockyer, will finally see the beginnings of a master plan update. It’s important to note: for years, the county and developers fought hard against this update. This initial study provides the groundwork for a more extensive master plan update for Murieta, ensuring proper development of our community. This is a huge environmental victory.


Separate from these issues, but still important to mention: As most are aware, but could not be predicted, the real estate market has been tossed back and forth in a volatile sea of problems. Many developers are halting approved projects across the nation, especially in the greater Sacramento area. In fact, one Murieta developer told me recently, due to the falling market, his company is not only leaving our community, but all of Sacramento--- indefinitely.


In the meantime, thank you, again, to citizens, environmental groups, and state and federal regulators for their support of Rancho Murieta. Most of all, thank you to Supervisor Nottoli for his integrity, as he continues to place justice and the CEQA process ahead of special interest.


If you have questions about development, feel free to reach me at

PatCan85@aol.com, or by dialing 0832. Please leave a message; I screen my calls. Thank you.

Candy Chand

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Change of direction?

Everyone has worked so hard on this issue. I wonder if now is the time to change direction?. We have a lot of positive energy here in RM that could be used for a more "winnable" battle I feel?


My thoughts on this subject are that development IS coming. It IS ! Regardless of how organized we are, regardless of how much stomping and fist pounding we do, it IS coming. Let's consider changing our direction. How about rallying the troops to re-route hwy 16 around RM ? Imagine what RM will look like in 10 years when 4 lanes of 65MPH traffic comes rumbling by the north and south gates. This WILL happen. I will bet my lunch on it.


Anyone been in Placerville during one of the infamous traffic jams? That occurs because too many cars are being crammed thru too little freeway.


Do the residents and businesses of RM share the same goals when it comes to traffic and the route it takes?


I suggest all Murietans who are engaged in this "responsible development" initiative consider changing course. THIS may be the only thing that can truly preserve the peace and quiet that we are all so fond of.

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Are we going to continue "tilting at windmills"

Rather than continue down an adversarial path, lets try to realize the gains that were made thru this process and begin to build bridges with the developers.  The County has proven to us that the Land Owners have a right to develop their lands as was intended.  We have different Common Interest Developments within RMA and we should realize that there will be more. 

 Jerry Pasek's comments about township is the direction we are heading whether we like it or not.   Planning for this inevitable outcome is the most logical course of action and one that we can have an effect in a positive way.  In 2003, I had a breif conversation with the CSD and commented that they would become our Town's Engineering and Operations department.  As expected, this view was not embraced at that time.  It is good to finally hear someone with vision of what we need to be considering for our future.

RMA is a great community and it can be even better! 

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Before we lay ourselves down at the alter of inevitability, let's remember there are legal issues that haven't been resolved as well as environmental impacts that may or may not have been addressed appropriately. No one has adequately explained where future water will surface or where future sewage will be processed and pumped. These issues are not only RM issues, but every growing hamlet up and down 16. Developers can take care of themselves without our help, I see no reason to set aside reason.


Even if you have caved,

Is it inevitable that it will be done right?

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RMA will reap what they sow!

Fellow RMA Members,

The developers will be paying dues to RMA and we have access issues that need to be worked out now.  The developers will not slow down and wait for us to catch up.  We wasted years and now need to begin to move forward quickly.

The water and sewer issues were always out in front of the CSD, there is nothing new and they will be worked out before the first hook up. 

 If the Board drags their feet as they have done on almost every issue facing them, we will not be prepared to deal with all the construction activity. 

Part of the MBA is for us to provide Cable Television Services to the new developments.  If we chose to get out of providing that service (and I think that we should), then we should be having those discussions now. 

I really don't have much faith that our Board is prepared for the tasks that lie ahead.

Paul Gumbinger is the only Board member with the requisite knowledge and experience to understand what the Board will be up against.  If they choose to stall and not act, for whatever reasons, then our association will reap what we sow.


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re: I'm so proud of the RMDCCC

Myrna Solomon

in my opinion, the developers thought they wouldn't have any problem with us compliant citizens, because we hadn't said or done anything before they showed up. Well, were they wrong! They unleashed Candy, Janis, Brad, Ted and the others who recognized how badly this was going to impact our community. I can't thank all of them enough over and over for their tireless pursuit of protecting our beautiful community for the future. From Candy's message, this isn't even close to over, and that is great news to those of us who have supported the RMDCCC.

Myrna Solomon

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