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Vandalism by your children -- lawn decorations

While most of us enjoy the Holidays and our neighbors’ lawn decorations, some parents unfortunately have children that get their jollies through vandalism.  These kids seem to only be interested in destruction of property with no consideration for others. 

Some naïve persons may wonder did these kids have a bad childhood experience or are they just going through a phase, or even better it’s their parents fault – RIGHT!!  I say BULL----!! These kids are punks, petty thieves, and vandals and eventually will get caught.  It not for these crimes, it will be for something similar or more criminal.

You may have asked yourself why waste your time writing this diatribe.  They never get caught! Maybe I’m an eternal optimist, but I do think someday justice will be served.  KARMA.

Our Story:  As always my wife and I put our decorations up the week of Thanksgiving.  It takes us about five days, working many hours every day.  Needless to say we enjoy it, many people stop as they drive by, many tell us how much they and their family appreciate and enjoy our efforts.  Some children tell their parents they can’t wait to see all the lights, they really enjoy seeing Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, Tigger, snowman, and especially Santa Claus with all of his reindeers throughout. 

This is the good part of the story; the bad part is since our decorations have been displayed, our property has been vandalized three times.  It occurred twice on Friday November 30th, once around 6 p.m. and again approximately the same night about 8:30 p.m.

Then again, last night the vandals destroyed several decorations and one reindeer is missing.  This all occurred sometime after 8:30 p.m.  It seems their actions are progressively becoming more destructive and blatant. 

If anyone has any idea who these punks are, I sure would appreciate the information.  I may not catch them destroying my property, but if I do money for the damages or community service will not resolve the crime.

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Ron, I am so sorry to hear


I am so sorry to hear about that...what a shame, you're right. It seems lately that people just don't care anymore, it's sad. I have a two year old daughter and she absolutely loves to look at the lights and displays around our neighborhood(we live on the south side) I would love to take her by and see the wonderful decorations that you and your wife put up. If you don't mind me asking, what street are you on?

Good luck with finding your vandals, I will keep my eyes and ears open for you.


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So sorry to hear that

So sorry to hear that Ron....

I have a six year old son, and we drove by a couple weeks ago and he LOVED your decorations.. I know it was your house because you mentioned mickey and minney ;)


Anyway, some of the teens here are horrible, as are the parents who don't pay attention. I will do my best in the coming years to make sure I am always keeping an eye on my son.


If i were you, i'd get a camera.. somethin to catch them! and WHEN they are caught, i'd opt to press charges, and not just keep it within our "gates."


Just a suggestion ;)

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Teenage Vandals


We've had problems with vandals in the neighborhood as well either from poorly supervised teens who live here or the friends that they invite in.  If you find out who vandilized your property and determine it is a minor, I would recommend that you press charges both against that minor individual and the parents whose responsibility it is to be looking after them.  

Parents who aren't supervising their teenage kids aren't going to get the message that their parenting methods aren't working until it significantly hurts their pocketbook or their reputation. 

Thank you for putting your beautiful decorations up.  If my husband or I see vandalism occur in our neighborhood we will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the vandals won't be able to do it again. 

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Protect yourselves from this hainous crime

In the Sacramento area, people who hate Christmas hit ones of Nativity displays every year. What are they after? Baby Jesus, of course:

Baby Jesus was stolen from the nativity scene of an Orangevale family’s front yard.

The family did not notice that Jesus was missing right away because
the thieves left everything else, the manger, Joseph and Mary.

The family was not just robbed of a figurine, they were robbed of a tradition.

The ChlubDon’t
be another “The family”. Introducing the CHRIST CHLUB! Lock down your
Baby Jesus in this festively decorated kevlar-coated security lock, now
available in Rudolf Red! Guaranteed indestructible and tamper proof.
This tasteful anti-theft device has been designed with your Nativity
scene’s - and your family’s - security in mind.

Don’t let those Grinches steal your Christmas! Secure your Baby
Jesus with the CHRIST CHLUB, and save Christmas. Yes, little Timmy, it is Christmas time in Sacramento again. Innocent

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Wrecking holiday decorations

Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to chuckle about this.  It's sad to see someone being a good neighbor and spreading holiday cheer but having the good work undone by vandals.

And maybe it's my own history (I hereby plead guilty to similar -- lesser -- offenses in my youth), but I don't think this vandalism makes the kids criminals.  It makes them stupid, thoughtless kids, and that's pretty much a natural state.  I certainly hope they get a parental boot in the rear if they're caught and maybe a scary sit-down with uniformed authority figures. Have them make restitution and deliver a personal apology too.

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Keep the Decorations out

In this life we are faced with many challenges.  In this community there is a vacuum created in our youth by the abject lack of parenting.  The vandalism that has been experienced in this case is not an isolated case.  My guess is that the same group of people who see fit to decorate our bridge, destroy the lights at the RMA building, TP homes around halloween and soon deface the new skatepark are the product of this lack of parenting.  The atypical angel who admitted to the RMA building vandalism should be urged to turn the other creeps in to CSD and or SSD. 

Part of parenting is saying no. 

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