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Follow up on Reynen and Bardis meeting

Following up on the well attended meeting of concerned homeowners at our house on Dec. 5, the local firm of Anderson & Kriger received over a dozen fee agreements from homeowners out here.  Yesterday, 12/18 Anderson & Kriger had their soils engineer from Terra Pacific inspect our house and several others.  Clayton Anderson and Matt Schoech at A & K told us during the inspection that in January 2008 they would start sub surface investigation of homes as well as subpoena the soils reports of Wallace Kuhl and Youngdahl. 

A & K is keeping with the small group strategy and will be filing the lawsuit for homeowners 70 + and use this lawsuit to ask the court for a priority trial setting for the middle of 2008.  Per the attorneys, damages in the lawsuit will be included for each house; the cost to repair the homes; expert investigation expenses; homeowner out of pocket expenses; diminuation in value; stigma damages; and loss of use of the home.

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