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Exclusive use


I wonder if anyone can help me out on this question I have? 

In regards to the exclusive use agreements and RMA granting "common grounds" to be used for personal use, exactly who pays the taxes for this specific property?

I am assuming some sort of tax system is in play to force the tax liability to be covered by the user of the exclusive use area or does RMA still cover the common ground taxes with our public funds....I am curious as to the answer.




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Taxes on Exclusive Use



When someone requests exclusive use, they are planning to make some improvement to the property, such as a driveway, HVAC System, Pool, etc.  The taxes each of us pays is based on the property value of the improvements.  The property owner pays these taxes.

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No one requests “exclusive

No one requests “exclusive use”. They request a lease of common area, and that common area then becomes EUCA, although there can be EUCA by definition of law without a lease.


But, be that as it may, I understood Todd’s question to be who paid the property taxes on the specific land. Unless the tax laws have changed, RMA owns that land, so if there are taxes to be paid, they’re RMA’s taxes. The property tax on the dwelling is something different.


The way the assessor explained it to me was, the homeowner pays taxes on the estimated value of the home. Here’s the example the lady gave me.


Take 2 houses, exactly the same in all respects other than one is on what we call an Estate lot and the other on what we call a circle lot. If both put in the same pool, but one puts it on his own land and the other puts it on land he has to lease, the value of the home doesn’t change. They’ll both be taxed the same.

But, that tax isn’t on the property, its on the value of the home. So in essence, If the owner gets an additional $50,000 at the time of sale because of the pool, he made a pretty substantial profit that RMA and therefore its member don’t get to share in.


If that’s incorrect, the lady at the county has to be blamed, not me! J

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Richard Robinson

Does the County tax the leasehold interest? If so the homeowner pays the tax. If not there is a fairness issue presented


Richard Robinson


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