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What’s up with Jack Cooper?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay, so I just finished  watching the compliance portion of the last RMA meeting, and there is Jack Cooper again, talking about how CSD Patrol has no police authority and they don’t want any. He reiterated that a couple of times, and also expressed his surprise that they wear a badge and a gun.

I emailed Jack Cooper about this after the last board meeting, and you know what I got? A pat on the head, and condescending reply about how complicated this is to explain and maybe I should have a conversation with Chief Remson so that he can explain it to me.

What I didn’t tell him, is that I don’t need Chief Remson to explain it to me because my husband is the patrol sergeant here. I know what my husband does for a living and I know where his authority comes from, which is more than I can say for Jack Cooper. I also know, that because of board members like Jack Cooper, there is great confusion in the community which has resulted in residents resisting arrest. In some cases, officers have been out for months (or longer) because of injuries resulting from this.

I know why CSD patrol needs a badge and a gun to do their job, and I understand how they are authorized to carry and use it. I also understand why they wear bullet proof vests. I know (and very much appreciate) that we don’t have major crime problems here, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have crime and undesirable elements that either live in or pass through the community. We have the same crimes as every where else, just much less of it. In some sense, that makes it a bit more dangerous because this sleepy little town of ours doesn't expect it. Additionally, the true nature of the job that I see my husband doing on a regular basis isn't reflected in our local media, nor the local meetings.

So I have to repeat my question….what’s up with Jack Cooper? Did he not research this question since the last meeting? Has he ever wondered why CSD patrol can enforce misdemeanor ordinances and write tickets into Sacramento Courts? Has he ever wondered why SSD can ask CSD to respond to 911 calls? Or, how they are able to participate in domestic violence calls, or prowlers, or burglaries? I challenge him to publicly connect the dots of how a rent-a-cop or security service can perform those functions – cite the laws that govern that process so that we can all understand them.

My husband has gone to court, and has been asked what his authority was and it was acknowledged that csd patrol has limited peace officer powers – in particular, the powers of arrest of a peace officer, although they are not peace officers. And every time he has gone to court, there has been a conviction. Can Jack Cooper connect those dots to a rent-a-cop?

Jack Cooper, on candidates night, mentioned that he was previous law enforcement. I would sure like to know more about that, since he can’t seem to get this one straight. It would be one thing if he were Joe Resident. But he is the RMA Board president, and that carries with it some responsibility to do his homework on such a significant matter.

Because of Jack Cooper, and those that repeat the same “urban myths”, the personal safety of residents is put at risk, and the personal safety of officers is put at risk. In addition, the financial stability of the officers and the district and the ratepayers are also put at risk because of lawsuits.

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What’s up with Jack Cooper?!?!?!?!?!?


I couldn't agree with you more! You very rarely get the straight scoop from Jack! He's lied to me on more than one occasion! Excellent post and accurate...


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Thank you Lisa!

Thank you Lisa for bringing this problem to light. One would surely think that the RMA Board President should know what the role of our Patrol Officers is. A correction to his comment is surely needed and from my understanding this is the 2nd time he has made this comment at a Board Meeting. What is so weird about this is, I'm sure he got flack from it the first time...so why would he make that comment again? Who's feeding him the wrong information?

I for one do want them to have the powers that you describe, as who is going to help those in need faster, our Patrol Officers or the Sheriff? Hands down, the Patrol Officers will come to our rescue faster. Unfortunately they are so short handed right now...back in the Chief Noller days, weren't there 2 Patrol Officers on duty at all times? Why can't we seem to keep the Officers we have now under Chief Remson? The turnover for both Gate Officers & Patrol Officers is unbelievable since he has been in charge!

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